World’s Best Restaurants – Find Out What’s Special Here!

Restaurants, cafes, lounges all should have something special for them to be on the top of our priority list. Whenever we have to decide where to have our next dinner, we review each and every detail and then finally reach to a conclusion. If you are an owner of any restaurant or cafe and want to mark your presence, then you will have to show that extra spark.

Here is the list of the top restaurants of the world which have made their position by delivering something special and standing apart from the crowd. Let us check what do they have special in them?

1.Italian Power – Osteria Francescana:

Massimo Bottura is the name behind this divine restaurant. Though he is a great traveller but his restaurant serves the best Italian food over the globe. More taste is added to the menu by the addition of local and seasonal ingredients of the place. Their standout dish for which this restaurant is known worldwide is the crunchy part of lasagne.

2. The Power Of Three- El Celler De Can Roca:

The taste of the Roca brothers has made this restaurant be always on the top. This restaurant situated in Girona, Spain serves the best modern Spanish food with all traditional as well as the urban touch. The head chef Joan’s authentic cooking style, Jordi’s pastry making and wine pairing art of Joseph has created an enthralling and delicious combination. No doubt that the restaurant stands on the no.1 position. The best dish served here is Mackerel with pickles and mullet roe.

3.New York Style – Eleven Madison Park:

A combination of mouth-watering dishes and extraordinary service, Eleven Madison Park is the restaurant situated in New York, USA. The founders and owners Daniel Humm and Will Guidara have nailed their talent of cooking fine and exquisite dishes. Their delicious honey lavender duck with apple and rutabaga attracts the customers from different corners of the world.

4.Amazon to Andes – Central:

Chef Virgilio Martinez, the owner of this Peruvian food bank, has taken his ideas to the highest level. This restaurant portrays the rich diversity of the Peruvian land and serves the authentic and variety of dishes famous worldwide. Their standout dish is the octopus in purple coal. The creative ideas of the team and the head chef has always delighted their guests.

5.Seasonal touch – Noma:

The Danish restaurant is ranked as the world’s’ fifth best restaurant this year. The owner Rene Redzepi and the team have conquered the world with their Scandinavian aura. The famous dish which lures people here is the seasonal terroir led Scandinavian. The creative presentation and food’ freshness has made Noma as one of the most influential restaurants of the century.

These were the top five restaurants all over the globe. You know now what’s their specialty and what makes them stand apart. There are many other dining places which have made their customers happy by offering special online discount coupons on their favorite meals!

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